Support Staff

Support Staff

Everyone working at Regent Training Centre campuses has the wellbeing of students at the forefront of their minds. From Van drivers to Tutors to Senior Management, we are all working together to ensure your time at Regent Training Centre is as enjoyable and as productive as possible.


Through the Trial and Induction periods, you will have ample time to assess whether Regent Training Centre is right for you, and during this same time your Tutor will be putting together your Individual Learning Plan to make sure that as much learning as possible can take place for you.


Unlike many other traditional education providers, Regent Training Centre is able to be flexible in delivery, using many different methods of teaching to give every student the opportunity to learn and grow.


Your Tutor likewise is the first person that you can turn to if you are in need of support, or are struggling. If your Tutor is unable to help you at this time, then they will be able to refer you to other Support Staff within your Campus, such as Campus Co-ordinators, Kaiako, Youth Services and Chaplains, or depending on the issue, to external service providers and agencies that we work with.


Help is usually just a conversation away, so no matter how big or how small an issue you have may, Regent Training Centre is here to help, please just ask and we will always do our best.

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