Regent Training Centre successfully places hundreds of graduates from it’s Training for Work programme into employment every year. Our success has been down to the ability of our exceptional Co-ordinators to work with people from all walks of life, bringing out their best skills and attributes, helping them to upgrade their skills and then to find them a meaningful job within an appropriate industry.


Regent Training Centre’s Training for Work Co-ordinators provide a supportive and non-judgmental learning environment. As a client of ours you will receive a training plan that is individually tailored to your needs and requirements. Due to our Co-ordinators combined extensive experience across numerous industries they have amassed a large number of employers and businesses that are only too happy to take on new staff under our recommendation. We do our best to ensure that your skills, knowledge and personality meets the needs of employers for a mutually beneficial placement.


Regent Training Centre Co-ordinators will continue to offer you one to one assistance, guidance and support for a further 6 months beyond your initial job placement. This will hopefully take you successfully through the mandatory 90 day trial period in New Zealand employment law, but if not then there will be further assistance provided to you.


The Training for Work Programme is open to all clients of Work and Income New Zealand (WINZ) who are of a working age and on a main benefit. As with our other programmes, there are zero fees to pay and you may be eligible for some travel subsidies whilst training.

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