INTENSIVE LITERACY & NUMERACY - Learning to learn again

Literacy for all Ages

Now everyone can learn is one the fundamental beliefs that underpin Regent Training Centre’s ethos, and it is very clearly demonstrated within our Literacy and Numeracy / Poutama Ako programme. Having appropriate levels of reading, writing, speaking and math’s is essential to live a good life, however not everyone has had the opportunity in the past to learn effectively, in the way that they needed, and in a way that values them as a person; until now.


Based on the Te Whare Tapa Wha model of holistic health, Poutama Ako is the “stairway to knowledge”. The content of the programme strives for all around learner well being, as well as being individually learner directed to ensure that the needs of each individual are being met and in their own time.  This means the learning context could be anything from driving, finding employment, budgeting to cooking (and more).  Relevancy to self ensures that learners are engaged and learning often without realising that they are actually "studying".  Learners will develop their capabilities in literacy and numeracy allowing them to move onto higher education and / or employment, dependent upon their individual needs and requirements. 

This programme is completely free as it is government funded.  It is suitable for all ages from 15 years (with a Ministry of Education early leaving exemption), for anyone who is yet to achieve academically, to learners in their 80's and beyond, it is never too late to learn, and you can do so at Regent Training Centre in a safe an supportive environment.  Tuition hours are a minimum of 5 per week, though 20 hours per week is recommended to make the most progress, up to a total of 300 hours of tuition and assessment in any given calendar year.  Due to the flexibility of the programme, you will in most cases be able to remain on a benefit, however please talk to your Case Manager to confirm this for your self, MSD may also be able to subsidise some travel to and from campus for you, again please check with your specific Case Manager.


For many people the stigma of having lower levels of literacy and numeracy is embarrassing and can lead to low self confidence in all areas of their life. However, please don’t let that lack of confidence stop you, or someone you know, from getting the support needed, we are here to help.  Our programme is free to those eligible and you can start at any time, just contact us when you are ready to take the next step.


“Regent Training is different to school because you are encouraged to learn and to achieve rather than you become more confident and motivated” (Joshua)


ZERO fees

From 5 weeks, part time options available and course length can be extended based upon the needs of the individual learner.

New Lynn (Auckland), Whangarei, Kerikeri

Free or subsidised transport may be available

Start date:
Any day throughout the year.


Entry criteria:
Open to students aged 16 and over (or 15 with a Ministry of Education Exemption), NZ citizen or Permanent Resident, learner must have less than 80 credits on the New Zealand Qualifications Framework (NZQF), or if the learner has more than 80 credits on the NZQF, the learner has less than 12 credits in literacy and/or numeracy unit standards/achievement standards*. All learners will be assessed on the Tertiary Education Commission Literacy and Numeracy Assessment Tool prior to enrollment.


Course content:
The true benefits of Poutama Ako – Intensive Literacy and Numeracy at Regent Training Centre – will probably not be fully realised by learners and their whanau until they are immersed into our whanau at RTC and set their own goals and aims, or have progressed through and gone on to exciting new futures.  


The rewards for completing such a programme extend far beyond just English and Math. There are improvements in health, happiness and confidence that filter into all areas of life for the engaged learner. Motivation is gained which leads to learners seeing their own potential and the limitless opportunities out there in life for them to grasp and take hold of.  Context for learning can range from driver licencing, to health, to fitness, to budgeting or digital.  We will work with you to determine your individual needs.


With Regent Training Centre, now everyone can learn.

*There are other ways students can be eligible for this programme, please contact us for information.