The Information and Communications Technology (ICT) sector is expanding at a rapid rate, with skills and knowledge in computing becoming a necessity for most jobs in the 21st century. Computing is practically part of everything we do!


The cleverly structured Regent Training Computing programme enables students to gain multiple national certificates within 1 academic year. With encouragement and support from highly skilled tutors, students will gain not only basic computing skills but also practical knowledge of databases, hardware and even gaming design and production. Graduates are well placed for further studies within the ICT industry.


Your future career options within the computing industry are without boundaries, who knows what technologies and advancements will next be achieved???

Qualifications gained:

National Certificate in Computing (Level 3)
Creative Industries Vocational Pathway
NCEA Level 2
NCEA Level 1



ZERO fees

1 year, full time

Whangarei, New Lynn

Start date:
Any weekday throughout the year

Entry criteria:
16 to 19 Years old or 15 years old with a Ministry of Education early leaving exemption, NZ citizen or Permanent Resident currently living in New Zealand. All students will be interviewed prior to enrolment. 


Title Level Credit
Produce a presentation using a desktop presentation computer application
2 3
Discuss the social implications of information technology
3 3
Use a word processor to produce documents for a business or organisation
2 5
Manage and protect data in a personal computer system
2 5
Produce desktop published documents to meet a set brief 
2 3
2791  Integrate spreadsheet and database data into word processed documents to meet a set brief 2 5
2786  Create and use a computer database to solve a problem 2 3
Demonstrate and apply knowledge of a personal computer system 1 3
Create and use a computer spreadsheet to solve a problem 2 3
Apply text processing skills to produce communications in a business or organisational context 2 5
Use and maintain a computer database for business reporting and decision making 3 4
Process financial information for cash transactions for an entity 2 4
Document business financial transactions for an entity 2 4
Produce desktop published documents for organisation use 3 6
112  Produce business or organisational information using word processing functions 3 5
Apply text processing skills to produce business documents 3 5
2787 Create and use a computer database to provide a solution for organisation use
3 6
2785 Create a computer spreadsheet to provide a solution for organisation use 3 5
5947 Use computer technology to solve a specified problem 3 3
2797 Demonstrate knowledge of the principles of computer networks 3 4

Plus many more appropriate NZQA unit standards to prepare students for employment and higher learning.