Regent Training Centre's Goals & Missions
RTC missions and goals towards our Students at our campuses across Northland and Auckland

Mission and Goals

Our Mission

To establish and maintain a strong reputation for excellence in the development and delivery of training and its valued outcomes. We are dedicated to unlocking the full potential of learners through care and education that optimises their personal and professional skills and abilities, enabling them progress to higher learning or to enter the workforce with the confidence, integrity and character needed to excel.



Regent Training Centre is committed to making a positive contribution to lives of its trainees, to their families, whanau and communities. Our organisation is also committed to making a positive contribution to the goals of the Tertiary Education Strategy and the objectives of the Tertiary Education Act 1989.


Our Vision

To become a “trainer of choice” by overcoming geographic and socio-economic barriers to provide access to, and through, all our training programmes and to offer value and integrity in education through the quality, fairness and transparency of our training delivery.


Our Values

Regent Training Centre’s core values are:

  • RESPECT – value and support staff and trainees to the betterment of all.

  • PROFESSIONALISM – a commitment to contribute to the delivery of high quality, trainee centred courses, through expertise and diligence.

  • INTEGRITY – being principled, displaying honesty, fairness and openness.

  • FLEXIBILITY – the willingness to learn, develop new skills, adapt to challenges, and take on new responsibilities.

  • COMMUNICATION – a commitment to clear effective exchange of information (inside and outside the centres), to promote efficiency and transparency.

  • CREATIVITY – the recognition and valuing of innovation in all areas.

  • RESPONSIBILITY – being accountable for ones actions and decisions.

  • TEAMWORK – the ability to work co-operatively and effectively in groups.