Regent Training Centre's Goals & Missions
RTC missions and goals towards our Students at our campuses across Northland and Auckland

Mission and Goals

At Regent Training Centre / RTC, we have established, and seek to maintain, a strong reputation for excellence in the support, development and delivery of education and training to the people in the communities in which we serve. We are dedicated to unlocking the full potential of learners through care and education that optimises their personal and professional skills and abilities, enabling them progress to higher learning or to enter the workforce with the confidence, integrity and character needed to excel.

Regent Training Centre is committed to making a positive contribution to lives of its learners and clients, to their whānau, friends and our communities. Our organisation is also committed to making a positive contribution to the goals of the Tertiary Education Strategy and the objectives of the Tertiary Education Act 1989.

Our Mission

To create successful graduates through innovative learning 


To empower communities through education


Our Values (INSPIRE)


    Integrity - we value honesty above all
    Nurture - we care, we guide
    Success - we enable all to achieve
    Professionalism - we aim to be the best
    Innovation - we adapt for continuous improvement
    Respect - we celebrate diversity
    Engagement - we create new opportunities through mutual learning